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StageGlass has helped home builders achieve investor-stunning results like:


Fewer days on market


Increase in profit


Higher conversion rate

1. Planning

Upload your CAD plan, a PDF or draw the room within the StageGlass platform. Automatically have the space converted into a 3D model.

2. Designing

Seamlessly play with the designs until they're just right.

Use our comprehensive and customizable asset library to select any windows, doors, furniture, fixtures and more to easily arrange them to fulfil your vision. Not satisified with your work? You can switch an item super easily, easily move windows, doors, cabinets.

3. Sharing

Share in 3D, online.

Your client will be able to navigate through a 3D environment you've created for them, without them having to download an app or create an account. Let them walk through their living room LIVE.

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Why StageGlass

Fast revisions & flexibility

Iterate quickly using our intuitive tools and comprehensive asset library. Deliver designs that meet your client's needs and budget.

Happy clients, happy life

Present designs in stunning, immersive 3D. Make your clients fall in love with your work. Help them love the space.

Less work,
more play

Slash the time it takes to achieve approvals in half. Quickly align on vision and increase client confidence.


Don't get bogged down by bad tools and broken communication. Focus on scaling your business.

Create, Delight, Expand.

We’ve reimagined the interior design experience, so you can stand out and thrive in today’s competitive market.

"I have never seen anything like it”

Samantha Hershbein
Founder, Interior Update

Approve earlier, work faster.

Communicate your design intent easily and with little time spent on iteration.

Showcase your designs across formats - from our custom interactive experiences to stunning images - created in as little as 15 minutes.

Let clients live their dream.

Provide your clients with an immersive, custom experience accessible from anywhere.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to homes. With StageGlass, your clients will see how your design fits their needs via their web browser, mobile phone, or tablet.

Grow your business.

Get more leads, accelerate decision making, reduce changes, and never have uncertainty with your clients again. Use the 3D designs in your marketing to

Designing a space used to be time consuming. Now, StageGlass gives you the tools to deliver designs more quickly, accelerating sign-offs and the opportunity to take on more clients.

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Other Tools

Low level of design understanding and unrealistic visualization

Lack of emotional connection and not immersive

Hard to use and slow to adopt

Lack of customization and difficult to iterate quickly

Slow process to achieving an approved design


Selling with StageGlass:

Hyper-realistic visualization of what the home will look like

Immersive 3D experiences that engage and excite your clients

Purpose built tools for contractors that are easy to use and express your vision

Customize and iterate at lightning speed.

Design the perfect space and receive design approvals 50% faster

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Features & Pricingover $45,000 more on every home.

Number of concurrent projects
Collaborate with clients
Custom branding
Custom assets
Rendering quality
Drawing tools
Drawing tools
Drawing tools, CAD, PDF
Public / Private Designs
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$0 USD
/ month
Starting at
$50 USD
/ month
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$100 USD
/ month

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Start designing with StageGlass over $45,000 more on every home.

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