Reduce change orders,
increase conversions.

The all-in-one insights platform that residential builders partner with to:

  • Prevent costly project revisions before they occur 
  • Transform blueprints into interactive 3D sales experiences 
  • Deliver actionable customer data and insights to your team
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StageGlass has helped home builders achieve investor-stunning results like:


Fewer days on market


Increase in profit


Higher conversion rate

Create a targeted shopping journey that makes home shoppers fall in love with your property before it’s even built.

… so you can keep your profit margins high instead of waiting forever to sell or having to lower your prices.

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Why StageGlass

Make It Personal

Make buyers see your hose as "the one" by presenting a curated, flexible interior space analytically chosen to best match their needs.

Curate The Journey

Ensure that your homebuyers are presented with the most relatable elements of your properties, and learn about how they interact with your spaces in real time through integrated analytics.


Attract and focus on higher quality leads, spend less time with unqualified buyers, and sell faster, for 8-10% more profit on average.


Collateral is quickly produced in-house so you can scale up fast, whether you are building five homes or five hundred.

Visualize, Excite, Sell.

We’ve reimagined the home buying experience, so you can stand out and thrive in today’s competitive market.

"StageGlass is in a league of its own”

Joe Ogletree
VP of Marketing, Toll Brothers

Maximize Returns.

Accelerate decision making, reduce change orders, get more leads, convert more into sales, and never leave money on the table again.

Make sure that you’re set up for success by building homes that will resonate with your audience, before you’ve poured the foundation.

Market earlier, sell faster.

Have leads ready to buy before you’ve even broken ground.

Showcase your properties across formats, from our custom interactive experiences to stunning images, presented consistently across the channels most likely to reach your target customer.

"I had never seen anything like it”

Joe Gebbia
Co-Founder, AirBNB

“In 2022, with StageGlass our number of leads tripled, and we sold each home for $45,000 more than listed.”

Chris Bahoora
Owner, Bahoora Homes

Let them see their dream.

Optimize your homebuyer's experiences with content most relatable to them, accessible from anywhere.

With StageGlass, your shoppers will see how they can use your spaces to fit their needs - and can make it their own via their web browser, mobile phone, or in your sales office.

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Here's how it works:

1. Hop on a quick call

We’ll work with you to learn about your unique community and audience.

2. Share your construction documents

We'll create your custom digital experiences, identify optimal staging options, create marketing collateral, and provide our analytical AI-powered personalization plan.

3. Start selling

We work with you at every step to add your new experience to your website and listing pages, launch your new campaigns, and instantly stand out among the competition.

Experience the difference.

See how StageGlass powers your sales process

Selling without StageGlass:

Low quality of leads

Disconnected from your prospective customers

No visibility into what the house will actually look like

Profit margins squeezed by high interest rates and construction material cost

Properties can take months or even quarters to sell

Selling with StageGlass:

Greater quality of leads, and higher conversion rate

Immersive AI-driven experiences statistically chosen to engage and excite buyers

Improved data on your ideal customer based on shopping behavior

Profit per home increased by 9% on average

Sale time reduced by 20% on average

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Start selling with StageGlass and profit over $45,000 more on every home.

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