We’re on a mission to help home buyers imagine and create their ideal living space.

Our story

Our team, when looking for apartments and newly-constructed spaces, couldn’t tell what the spaces really looked like.

We would only see floor plans or photos that were staged in a style that we would never live with.

We decided to build a better way - to show not only what is, but also what could be.

And with that, StageGlass was born.

Meet the people behind StageGlass

Based in San Francisco

Jack Burlinson
Founder & CEO
Before founding StageGlass, Jack studied Computer Science and Economics at Stanford, with emphases in Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory. Jack is passionate about graphics, architecture, and music. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with stomp-boxes and playing guitar
Conn O'Rourke
Founder & COO
Conn previously studied Computer Science at the University of Miami, with experience at Stanford's ML lab. He was also the top-grossing copywriter at E-Gear Media, writing long form sales letters for consumer products. Conn is passionate about storytelling, snowboarding, and emerging technology.